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Visual Building Lite

Visual Building Professional



Visual Building Lite (Download version)


Visual Building Lite is a low cost but multi featured home design tool to suit those on a low budget, but still wish to achieve high quality design and visualisation tasks. Unlike many generic CAD applications, Visual Building Lite has been specifically designed to allow you to resolve many design problems associated with the design of buildings - residential, commercial, industrial and even agricultural.



Visual Building Lite uses the same software technology used by professionals and is 100% compatible with Visual Building Professional and Visual Building Solar Designer.

Visual Building Lite is suitable for use by many types of users: architects, builders, self-builders, property developers, interior designers, planners, real estate, and property agents. The Project Start Wizard will quickly get you started and also interfaces you with online tutorial videos and example projects.



Draw your plan in 2D and instantly visualize it in 3D. Your 2D floor plans are quickly constructed placing walls into place, either on a grid on relative to existing walls or other features. Dimensions can be in feet / inches or metric. Doors and Windows are then selected from the catalogue and dropped into place. Add your stairs, allowing you to design multiple floors, including attics and basements. The comprehensive roof designer will then help you design the roof suitable for your property, to which you can add roof windows and dormers.


You can then decorate your design, applying carpets tiles and wallpaper to floors and walls. The catalogue contains many different textures and materials, which you can extend with your own.


You can then furnish both the interior and exterior of your design with the bedroom, kitchen and garden furniture. The exterior can also be landscaped by applying contours and adding plants and trees. Examine the effect of shadows from any location in the world and any time of day / month of the year.


To complete the design you can then add a background photo of your immediate or distant surroundings. You can then create a photo-realistic ray-traced image of your project for presentation together with your documented and dimensioned 2D plans.


Visual Building Lite has been developed using the latest object orientated technology using .Net and C# to ensure compatibility with the latest Windows operating system.


Visual Building Lite is available as an electronic software download, which means you can start using it immediately.



Visual Building Lite (Download version)




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Start Wizard

Visual Building Lite is equipped with the Start Wizard that from a single panel allows you to  preview all the example projects, review all the training videos and quickly start your own project.


From as little as only 3 clicks, you can create your very own project, and see it instantly as both a 2D plan and 3D model. It could not be easier! 


Everything you need to change- scale, measurements, floor plan shape is all contained within these 2 panels. 




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2D / 3D Tools

Visual Building Lite is equipped with some very powerful 2D tools, allowing you to construct guide lines, grids to aid your placement of walls, doors and windows in the 2D view mode.


You can place walls, doors, windows and other objects in either the 2D or 3D view windows.


There is always plenty of help- from the pop-up tool tips, help documentation and of course the online tutorials and user forum.



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2D Plans

Visual Building Lite is still powerful enough to create most plans suitable for estate agents / realtors. Plans can be color coded or labled using any size fonts.


Choose from several dimension line styles, allowing you to select line color, thickness, line type and style.

Each room can be labeled together with additional optional specifications. 

Also supports multi-layer wall constructions, show timber work and cavity insulation.



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3D Visualization

You can explore a project by 'exploding' the layers and by making a wallor roof transparent look directly inside a project. Multiple views using different viewpoints or viewing characteristics are also possible.





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Photo Realistic Images

Walls, floors and roof surfaces can also be textured using the surface editing tool. This allows you to specify an area to be textured, for example a tiled wall surface area in a kitchen.



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Using the terrain tools you can easily add contours as well as walls, slopes, hills, trenches etc. Individual height points can also be edited.  

The terrain tools also allow you to create paths, driveways and even a river / water course.



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All versions of Visual Building, including Visual Building Lite have the ability to calculate shadows cast at any time of the day, any time of the year and anywhere in the world. Use the compass tool to ensure your buildings are facing the correct direction.


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Interior Design

Visual Building Lite includes the full raytracing features of the more expensive versions of Visual Building, allowing you to create the same detailed interior and exterior designs using the furniture catalogue. The complete texture and material library is also included.




Visual Building Lite (Download version)







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