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64 Bit Version


Visual Building v5 is now available as both a 32 bit and 64 bit application. The installer contains both versions and will determine automatically which version to install depending upon if you have either a 32 bit or 64 bit hardware and Windows.


Previous versions of Visual Building were 32 bit programs, and were therefore limited to running in 32 bit mode, even if you had a 64 Bit hardware and a 64 Bit Windows. This is why Visual Building installed in Program Files (x86) on a 64 Bit system. If you have a 64 Bit System then Visual Building v5 will now be installed as a 64 Bit application and acquire all the performance advantages of a 64 Bit application. This is especially of importance for large projects that now have access to all your available RAM.


Many of competitors are still only able to supply you with 32 bit applications. Current and previous 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows can only allocate a maximum of 2 GB of memory to each running process, regardless how much real or virtual memory is available on a particular machine. A 64-bit system is not subject to the same memory limitation. A 64-bit processor has a theoretical maximum addressable memory size so large it is measured in multiples called petabytes (1 petabyte = 1 million gigabytes). Currently, 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7 support up to 192 GB of installed memory.

Drawing Services Pricing


"How much will it cost to create a drawing? " is a very similar question to "How much does it cost to build a house?"

Likewise the answer starts with "That depends upon...."


Our drawing services are broken down into the following categories:

2D plan

2D + 3D plan

2D + 3D model


We find it easier to quote for a drawing based upon its data source, its use and floor plan size.


Data source will be:

Measurements only supplied in sketch or text form

Existing printed 2D plan suitable for scanning

Existing CAD 2D plan suitable for importing as DXF file


Use will be

2D Plan suitable for Estate Agent use

2D plan + 3D plan suitable for Estate Agent use

2D plan + 3D model suitable for Estate Agent use

2D plan + 3D model suitable for planning application


Floor plan size:

This would be the total floor area drawn.


Some example quotes:


2D plan only

To produce a 2D plan only suitable for an estate agent to use in a brochure or uploading to an online service. These quotes assume measurements supplied in sketch form.

2 Bedroom Flat: from £20

3 Bedroom Terrace: from £25

4 Bedroom Detached House: from £30

2D + 3D plan

To produce a 2D + 3D plan suitable for an estate agent to use in a brochure or uploading to an online service. These quotes assume measurements supplied in sketch form.

2 Bedroom Flat: from £50

3 Bedroom Terrace: from £60

4 Bedroom Detached House: from £70



2D plan + 3D model

To produce a 2D plan + 3D model suitable for supporting a planning application. These quotes assume measurements supplied in sketch form.

2 Bedroom Flat: from £200

3 Bedroom Terrace: from £300

4 Bedroom Detached House: from £400


To produce a 2D plan + 3D model suitable for use for visualisation purposes. These quotes assume existing printed plan supplied.

2 Bedroom Flat: from £100

3 Bedroom Terrace: from £150

4 Bedroom Detached House: from £200


Repeat / Bulk Orders

To support and encourage repeat / multiple orders we offer a rebate against orders placed each month at the following rate:

multiple orders >= 5 orders per month: 5%

multiple orders >= 10 orders per month: 7%

multiple orders >= 25 orders per month: 8%

multiple orders >= 50 orders per month: 10%


All prices exclude VAT


Initial orders are subject to 50% payable on placing order and 50% payable within 7 days of delivery. This 50% upfront payment is not required after 3 months of multiple orders









Fire Escape Plans International Use


Visual Building's Fire Escape Plan Catalogue uses symbols that comform to ISO standards and are specifically for UK and European users. However where it is possible to use additional language symbols. The following is an example as used in the Middle East to provide additional language support in Arabic, Sinhala (Srilanka), Hindi (India) and Bangladesh languages. These symbols are provided as graphical symbols and are easy to create for any language.




Where ISO standard symbols are not applicable it is easy to create and substitute alternative symbols.


Please contact Visual Building for the availability of additional languages and symbols.





Visual Building Install Instructions


See Visual Building Download Instructions


See Visual Building License Instructions


2 Locate and start the Visual Building install program


When the Visual Building install file has downloaded, it should automatically run.


2.1 Select Language for the installation


The installer is available in English, German and French. Select your language and click on OK.




2.2 Welcome Panel

The next panel will comfirm the Visual Building version that you are installing.




2.3 License Panel

Please read the license agreement and click I accept the agreement and then click on the Next button.





2.4 Select Destination Folder

You now have the opportunity to change the default installation location. Click Next to continue.




2.5 Select Folder

You now have the opportunity to change the default folder name and option to create an entry in your Start Menu. Click Next to continue.




2.6 Select User Interface

There are 2 user interface styles, the new Ribbon style and the older Toolbar style. We reccommend the Ribbon, but you can swith between styles at any time no matter which version you select. 




2.7 Create Desktop Icon

You now have the opportunity to create a desktop icon. Click Next to continue.




2.8 Start Install

A summary of all your selections is displayed. Click the Install button to start the installation.




2.9 Wait for Installation

The installation will take 15 - 30 minutes depending upon the speed of your DVD player and computer.




2.10 Installation Completes

When installatin is complete click the Finish button to run Visual Building.





If you have not yet purchased a Visual Building license you may do so in our online store.


If you have already purchased a Visual Building license then proceed to Visual Building License Instructions.








Visual Building v4 Released

We are pleased to announce the availability of the following new Visual Building versions:

Visual Building Lite v4
Visual Building Basic v4
Visual Building Professional v4
Visual Building Premium v4


Release v4 contains several new features across all versions, however the most important and powerful new features are in Visual Building Premium.

Registered users will automatically receive an update link to update their existing versions, or upgrade to a higher version.


View new features table

View all features for all Visual Building versions.

View/Download documentation here



FREE Visual Building Training Course Released


 For full details see



Newsletter List


Here is a list of all news letters posted previously- just in case you missed something. However. due to the popularity of the forum, we now prefer to make announcements via the forum. Visit the forum.


Visual Building Released

Almost 10 years after launching Online Warehouse Ltd and 3D Architect and successfully introducing the Arcon range of software tools to UK self builders, Les Player has now launched Visual Building.
Like his previous products, Visual Building is a tool useful for anyone that needs to draw a plan of a building and then view it in 3D. This is especially useful for architects and builders who need a quick and inexpensive tool but capable software tool. This product is a leap forward from existing products because it has been developed from scratch using the latest technology tools and methods.
Visual Building has so many potential uses that the company’s web site has been designed around the different user profiles, many of which overlap. For a full and complete explanation of all potential uses, visit . There is also a free evaluation, where you can download the full version of Visual Building and try it out before you buy.
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information.





Visual Building does not contain any animation tools. With free products like Unity 4 available, we didnt need to.

Unity 4 is a tool for developing interactive content and deploying it anywhere. Whether you’re creating games, architectural walkthroughs, online training simulations or interactive art, Unity is the tool that will allow you to quickly achieve stunning results. Visual Building is being used to create realistic buildings for game content, developed with Unity.


For more infomation about Unity and obtaining a free license please visit


Here is a list of buildings and other projects imported into Unity which then allows you to create your own 3D model to present within a web browser from your web page.



These were created with the free version of Unity. Please note that you will need to download the small free Unity Web Player to view.


Remember, these are not videos and so the user can interact with the presentation, such as removing a roof, change a wall colour, or change a demonstration path or view.


Visual Building / Unity demo 1 

This example shows the use of a simple mouse orbit camera and sky box.


This is the tutorial project, which without any additional work was exported as a 3ds file, and then imported into Unity. Several textures were lost and were easily added within the Unity Editor.


The free version of Unity does have restrictions on glass, so the glass has been removed in this example.


View Unity Project

Visual Building / Unity demo2 

This example again uses one of our tutorial projects. We have again used a simple mouse orbit camera, but without a skybox. This example demonstrates how you can hide portions of a building.


In this case press R to toggle the roof on / off.


View Unity Project

Visual Building / Unity demo3 

This example again uses the same Visual Building tutorial project, but this time the camera control is automatic, defined by a preset path. This was created with Unity together with the powerful camera path editor: Camera Path Animator 3 by Jasper Stocker. If you use Visual Building and Unity, then this is an inexpensive MUST have tool.


The camera path is looped, with camera adjustable camera target and speed.


View Unity Project

Visual Building / Unity demo2 

This demo is for a larger Visual Building project.


The camera path is looped, with camera adjustable camera target and speed.


View Unity Project

Visual Building / Unity demo6 

This project is one of our kitchen tutorial projects, which has been exported to Unity and has had additional lights added.


The project was created using Visial Building Basic using the 3D Kitchen Collection 1 objects. and then exported as a .3ds file to Unity.


The camera path is looped to show the main aspects of the kitchen.


View Unity Project