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In today’s world we all need to communicate.

For example, the simplified communication cycle for a residential build is:

  • Property owner communicates his ideas to the architect.
  • The architect then communicates to the owner what can be done and the best way to do it.
  • The architect may then need to communicate with the local authority for planning approval.
  • The architect then needs to communicate with the builder.
  • The architect and builder may then need to communicate with building control.

At each and every step the owner, architect, builder and local authority need to communicate and almost all that communication will need to be supported by documentation and drawings. Visual Building is the ideal tool that is affordable and easy to use to enable all these steps to be communicated better.

Poor plans created with an inferior software application will cost someone in the communication chain more money (usually the owner), so it is important to use a drawing tool like Visual Building that will provide clear clean drawings. Poor plans can be costly if as a result the Building Control officer insists in the work being rectified.
The builder and architect can also provide better estimates and quotations and meet set project deadlines if all are working to well presented drawings.


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