Learning How to Use CAD Software


The term CAD - Computer Aided Design can cover a whole host of meanings, depending upon the users requirements. CAD can be used in the design of cars, spacecraft, packaging, laptops, bridges, town planning, buildings - in fact anything. There are many CAD software applications that can be used to design any of the mentioned project types, but there are also specialised CAD tools that are designed for a specific purpose, for example Visual Building is a CAD application that specifically allows you to design buildings. If you use a general CAD tool to design a building, there will be many tools that you will never need to use, and it will take you a long time to learn which tools you need and which you do not need.


This article concerns using CAD to design buildings and aspects related to buildings. If you want to learn how to design a car or anything not related to building, then you should investigate using AutoCAD, Inventor or IntelliCAD.


Building Design

So we will continue with the assumption that you want to use CAD to design a building or is building related.

Your designs may need to be viewed only on the screen or on paper or both, but we shall now divide the different project types into 2D and 3D.


2D Projects

If you require only a simple 2D floor plan, the sort that an estate agents would use to help sell a property then we would recommend that you use the Visual Floor Planner software. Using this software will allow you to quickly create a floor plan, label it with room descriptions and approximate dimensions.


If you require a 2D floor plan that would be used ro support a planning application or building regulations, or will be reffered to by a builder or architect during the construction process, then you will need a 2D plan that contains more precision and detail. For this we would recommend that you use Visual Building. Creating a floor plan with Visual Building will take longer compared to Visual Floor Planner, because you are working with more detail and precision.


3D Projects

If you require a 3D visualisation or 2D elevation plans then we recommend that you use Visual Building, as Visual Floor Planner can not create 3D views


Visual Floor Planner - Visual Building Comparison

The following table is a quick recap of the above.



  Visual Floor Planner                Visual Building
 2D Plan Drawings  Yes    Yes
 2D Elevation Plans      Yes
 Easiest to learn  Yes    
 Best Precision      Yes
 3D Views      Yes
 Best Speed to create 2D Floor Plan  Yes    


If you need any additional help in deciding which software to use we suggest you watch some of our video tutorials for these two products:


Visual Building Video Tutorials


Visual Floor Planner Video Tutorials




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