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Solar Support

We provide all our technical support via email and depending upon work load do try to answer all support emails within 48 hours. We appreciate that users of Visual Building Solar Designer many need fast support response, especially if you need to complete a customer's quote.


We can offer you more detailed additional support that allows you to jump the normal support queue.  


If you require additional support for example: an unusual roof design, for adding a new solar panel into the catalogue, or support in creating a new report template then we can help you. We can give you answers to your possibly unique questions.


Also as a Solar Support member you get to download any new standard Solar Panel that we create. Unless sponsored by a manufacturer these panels may not contain any additinal information other than product name,  dimensions and nominal power. Panels created or sponsored by an installer may not be suitable for general use as they may contain links and pdf data specific to the installer.


Solar support is an annual subscription service available for only £99 per year per license supported. (That's less than 0.28p per day!).


Also Solar Support members have unique access to our design team who can create additional solar panels or report templates for you at the following low cost fees:



Solar Panel

£10 Create new panel, including dimensions product description, nominal power
product web link, manufacturers link, and pdf

Report template

£25 Create new template with your logo, address and technical layout of your choice


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