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Visual Building is not just a useful software tool for the architect, builder or home owner, but also for companies that supply goods and services to the home construction and furnishing sector. Although these users form the core of Visual Building users, there are many manufacturers that are also benifiting from using Visual Building for the presentation and marketing of their products.


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Here are some examples of how you as a manufacturer could be using Visual Building:

Exploded 3D view of house

Window and Door Manufactuers

Visual Building Premium includes the Window Construction tool which will allow you to provide your windows and door styles as 3D models.


These models can be provided free to all other Visual Building users. The models can be associated with your company / brand, so that any user that uses your model can easily identify its source, price and availability.

Building according to terrain

Tile and Brick Manufactuers

Draw your plot, adding terrain and slopes as required. Now draw out the external walls, and then play arround with the internal wall layout, adding doors and windows. You can then place your building within the plot, adjusting its position and facing relative to the terrain and adjacent buildings.


This screenshot shows how you can define a sloping terrain and plan how your building will interact with the terrain using multiple levels.

3D Visualisation

Kitchen Suppliers

You know what you want, but how do you communicate those ideas to your architect? Visual Building will allow you to provide your architect with good technical plans and a 3D visualisation. This can save you a lot of time and money.

Planning applications

Interior Designers

Visual Building can produce plans required to support a planning application. We always recommend that you use an architect, but if you believe you have the necessary skills and experience, then Visual Building will help you fulfill your objectives.


This screenshot shows the new optional Ribbon bar user interface, which makes Visual Building more intuitive to use. Visual Building Professional was used to provide the multiple view layout for this project.

3D visualisation of DWG drawing

Architectural Services

You create everything in the 2D plan and Visual Building will automatically create the 3D model. If you have drawings in DXF or DWG format, you can import these into Visual Building Professional, which will allow you to use it as a template to create your 3D model. Its surprising how some features that look OK in a 2D plan, become less attractive when viewed as a 3D model.


You can also import scanned plans, and use them as a template to trace your floor plan arround.

3D Visualisation of DWG drawing  

Furniture Manufacturers

Draw your plot. Create your building outlines and place. You can examine the effect of light and shadow created by each building, work out access and services and then move it all until you have the optimum plan.


Thos screenshot shows a project that includes buildings also created as seperate projects. You can  import and place different buildings or the same building multiple times to quickly create a plot layout.

kitchen interior design  

Energy Consultants

You can plan out your kitchen, bathroom or any room you need. Will the furniture fit? What will it look like? Visual Building will help you answer all of these questions.


This screenshot uses the 3D Kitchen 2 catalogue, although there are many kitchen furniture options in the standard catalogue.


Solar Panel  Installers

Using either a photo or a 3D model of your house, you can view how a prospective conservatory or an extension will appear. You can even examine the effects of sun and shade at different times of the year, upon your existing property or your neighbour's property.


This screenshot shows a conservatory built with Visual Building. There is a catalogue of standard conservatory styles.


Unless otherwise stated all the above example projects were created with Visual Building Basic.


As a reader of Homebuilding & Renovating magazine you are obviously interested in the design, planning, construction and furnishing of residential properties, and therefore Visual Building is a software tool for you.


As you can see from the few examples above, our Visual Building software will allow you to plan and visualise your concept, whatever stage within the design - development cycle you are at. Visual Building is CAD software dedicated to buildings, and therefore more intuitive than genral CAD software. However, to get you started we have over 70 video tutorials that will explain how to use the software.


Requirenents: Visual Building needs Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1 to run. It is not suitable for an iPad, Apple or Windows RT.


Visual Building is available as either as a digital download or on a DVD format. However for a limited we are offering Homebuilding & Renovating readers a 10% discounted price on the digital download. This is a limited offer so buy today to avoid disapointment.


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