Visual Building Features

Here follows a list of the main features of Visual Building. The complete list of features is much longer:


  • DS Roof Import
  • Arcon XML
  • 2D DXF
  • 2D DWG


  • .cyg 2D object
  • .3ds object (3D Studio)
  • .cob object (Truespace)
  • .dxf (3D DXF)
  • .wrl (VRML)
  • .lw, .lwo, .lwm, .lwb (Lightwave)
  • .obj (Wavefront)
  • Export timber lists in PDF, RTF, Excel or HTML format


  • Multiple 2D and 3D views, tabbed or arranged layout
  • True cross section views
  • Full screen view mode
  • Plan layout mode- multiple views on single sheet
  • View Styles


  • Metric
  • Imperial (decimal and fractional)
  • Dimension in 2D and 3D views
  • Multiple dimension styles


  • 2D objects includes large 2D symbol library
  • 3D objects includes large furniture library, and construction items, doors, windows
  • Large texture library
  • Large materials library
  • All catalogues are extendible


  • Catalogue of standard windows sizes and styles
  • Window design tool for addtional styles and sizes or bespoke windows.


  • Catalogue of standard door sizes and styles


  • Comprehensive roof designer supports: Hipped, Mansard, Gable, Half hipped
  • Roof Types

  • Roofs support valley gutters, guttering, ridge tiling
  • Extensive range of functions for roofs and dormers
  • Timber list export
  • Skiylights


  • Multiple dormer types: Shed, Flat, Hipped, Triangular, Trapezoid, Barrel, Bat


  • 3D landscaping with predefined landscape forms- hills, plateau, walls, trench
  • Set terrain height using height points or contours


  • Design and construction of buildings
  • Design of garden and landscape
  • Construction in any view in 2D plan view, section view or 3D view
  • Polygonal winding staircases (solid or wooden)
  • Polygonal landing staircases (solid or wooden)
  • Construction aids, eg 3D/2D guidelines
  • Snap-to functions for 3D objects
  • Accurate input option using numerical input
  • Detailed visibilities for each view using level of detail feature
  • Comprehensive catalogue of 3D objects, materials, textures and 2D symbols
  • Create individual 2D symbols for text blocks, graphic elements, legends
  • Project management using the project viewer, copy floors, create layers
  • Settings for sun and moon for the illumination and shadow calculations
  • Ray tracing, anti-aliasing; create images from observation points during processing
  • Many 2D drawing functions
  • Assistants for copying properties and for select and delete operations
  • Structural layers for walls, ceilings and floors
  • User definition of structural layers for inclusion in the catalogue
  • Predefined banisters for staircases
  • Edit models using materials and textures
  • Define user light sources, spot lighting, ambient and directional light sources
  • Scale objects
  • Surface editor for surfacing areas and sub-areas, editing in 2D and 3D
  • Automatic recognition of wall openings
  • Analysis of surfaced areas with respect to area and material requirements