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Visual Building Released

Almost 10 years after launching Online Warehouse Ltd and 3D Architect and successfully introducing the Arcon range of software tools to UK self builders, Les Player has now launched Visual Building.
Like his previous products, Visual Building is a tool useful for anyone that needs to draw a plan of a building and then view it in 3D. This is especially useful for architects and builders who need a quick and inexpensive tool but capable software tool. This product is a leap forward from existing products because it has been developed from scratch using the latest technology tools and methods.
Visual Building has so many potential uses that the company’s web site has been designed around the different user profiles, many of which overlap. For a full and complete explanation of all potential uses, visit www.visualbuilding.co.uk . There is also a free evaluation, where you can download the full version of Visual Building and try it out before you buy.
Contact: lplayer@visualbuilding.co.uk for additional information.

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