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Domestic Energy Assessors


Energy Performance Certificate Assessors


Domestic Energy Assessors can now include floor plans to enhance their EPC reports using Visual Building.


Many Energy Performance assessors are now also offering estate agents, home owners and landlords a combined service of providing both an Energy Performance Certificate and report together with the associated floor plans. The same plans can be used as an essential sales aid for an estate agent or for use as health and safety requirements by a landlord. EPC assessors can supply both 2D and 3D floor plans, in colour or in monochrome and in  .jpg, .png, .bmp image file formats.


2D floorplan 3D floorplan
2D Colour floorplan 3D floorplan


If you are an Energy Performance Assessor you can now extend your services to your clients with Visual Building. We recommend Visual Building Basic for all Energy Performance assessor's floor plan requirements.


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