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Multi layer walls


All versions of Visual Building support multi-layer walls. This feature allows you to define the wall construction and define how the construction looks in the 2D and 3D views.

 For each layer you can specify a name, thickness, building material, a layer separator and the location of the layer within the structure.  This allows you to show the components of a wall using layers of materials, eg Brick, Cavity, insulation, bricks, plasterboard. You can also save your wall structures in a catalogue for future use.

 This enables you to create  solid walls, cavity walls, partial filled cavity walls, showing insulation, plaster and many other materials that you have used in your wall construction.


Wall layer construction tool


Wall layers in 2D

You can define the wall construction with as many layers as you want,
using the default hatching.
The resulting cavity wall layers wall
in 2D drawing.


Define the colour and hatch pattern for each wall layer. Define how each wall layer looks in the 3D view.


Maintain specifications for each material used in the wall
layers in the material list
Comprehensive materials list can be extended.



Cavity wall with insulation