Visual Building does not contain any animation tools. With free products like Unity 4 available, we didnt need to.

Unity 4 is a tool for developing interactive content and deploying it anywhere. Whether you’re creating games, architectural walkthroughs, online training simulations or interactive art, Unity is the tool that will allow you to quickly achieve stunning results. Visual Building is being used to create realistic buildings for game content, developed with Unity.


For more infomation about Unity and obtaining a free license please visit www.unity3D.com


Here is a list of buildings and other projects imported into Unity which then allows you to create your own 3D model to present within a web browser from your web page.



These were created with the free version of Unity. Please note that you will need to download the small free Unity Web Player to view.


Remember, these are not videos and so the user can interact with the presentation, such as removing a roof, change a wall colour, or change a demonstration path or view.


Visual Building / Unity demo 1 

This example shows the use of a simple mouse orbit camera and sky box.


This is the tutorial project, which without any additional work was exported as a 3ds file, and then imported into Unity. Several textures were lost and were easily added within the Unity Editor.


The free version of Unity does have restrictions on glass, so the glass has been removed in this example.


View Unity Project

Visual Building / Unity demo2 

This example again uses one of our tutorial projects. We have again used a simple mouse orbit camera, but without a skybox. This example demonstrates how you can hide portions of a building.


In this case press R to toggle the roof on / off.


View Unity Project

Visual Building / Unity demo3 

This example again uses the same Visual Building tutorial project, but this time the camera control is automatic, defined by a preset path. This was created with Unity together with the powerful camera path editor: Camera Path Animator 3 by Jasper Stocker. If you use Visual Building and Unity, then this is an inexpensive MUST have tool.


The camera path is looped, with camera adjustable camera target and speed.


View Unity Project

Visual Building / Unity demo2 

This demo is for a larger Visual Building project.


The camera path is looped, with camera adjustable camera target and speed.


View Unity Project

Visual Building / Unity demo6 

This project is one of our kitchen tutorial projects, which has been exported to Unity and has had additional lights added.


The project was created using Visial Building Basic using the 3D Kitchen Collection 1 objects. and then exported as a .3ds file to Unity.


The camera path is looped to show the main aspects of the kitchen.


View Unity Project



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