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Visual Building Tutorial Videos


The videos are now ordered by category, and indicates which Visual Building version the video is applicable to. These tutorials use the classic toolbar user interface, but are still applicable to the new ribbon bar user interface, ie the tools and dialogs operate in the same way.

See videos using the new Ribbon bar user interface



Video TitleBasicProfessionalPremiumVideo Link
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£ 180 
Tutorial 1 - Introduction
Project Startup Wizard
Introduction to the UI, Toolbar version
Introduction to basic construction
Mouse and Keyboard Navigation
Introduction to Dimension Lines
Introduction to Guide Lines
Project Tab
Visual Building for Estate Agents Part 1
Visual Building for Estate Agents Part 2
Floorplans for estate Agents
Interior Design
Interior Design: Kitchen
3D Walkthrough
2D Drawing
Import Scanned plan for tracing
Create a 2D Symbol
2D/3D Surface Area Edit
2D Contours
Extend existing building
Extend / stretch floorplan
Construction support tool
Elevation Views / Plan layout
How to create a Fire Escape Plan
2D Drawing Tools. Foundation section
3D Drawing
Terrain features
Adding mock Tudor beams
Split levels
Change 2D wall style
Wall placement using numerical input
Wall placement unders stairs
Multiple Wall Layers
Wall Editing Tools
Standard Window Catalogue
Transferring Window Properties
Window Construction Editor
Creating Windows with Lintels
3D Models
Import 3D Models
3D Model Construction Tools
Exporting 3D Buildings to Google Earth
3D Constructions: Sweep Solids
Import Sketchup Model
Create a flat roof
Edit roof wood construction
How to create a multi gabled roof



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