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Visual Building Tutorial Videos


The videos are ordered by category, and indicates which Visual Building version the video is applicable to. These videos use the new Ribbon Bar user interface. See our earlier videos based on Classic toolbar  user interface

With version 9.5 we have improved some basic input and edit mechanisms for walls, windows and doors. These new functions are not yet reflected in our general videos that we keep for previous customers.
In our guides menu you will find articles on specific topics like "Create Floor Plans" or "Adding windows and doors", which also contain explanations and short videos to illustrate the current tools. In addition to our normal videos, it is also worth taking a look at our guides.

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Tutorial 1 - Introduction
Tutorial 1 Part 1 - Ribbon Bar
Tutorial 1 Part 2 - Building Wizard
Tutorial 1 Part 3 - Guidelines
Tutorial 1 Part 4 - Walls
Tutorial 1 Part 5 - Doors and Windows
Tutorial 1 Part 6 - Roof Editor
Tutorial 2 - New Project
Tutorial 2 - Introduction
Tutorial 2 Part 1 - Setting up the project
Tutorial 2 Part 2 - Adding Doors and Windows
Tutorial 2 Part 3 - Naming Rooms
Tutorial 2 Part 4 - Adding Stairs
Tutorial 2 Part 5 - Adding Upper Floor and Roof
User Interface
Ribbon Bar Introduction
Switching User Interface
2D Drawing Tools#2e2e2e
Foundation Wall Section View
Create 2D Symbols
3D Tools
Create 3D Furniture
3D Object Converter (Import 3D objects)
3D Object cutting using a plane
Using the Windows Construction tool
Import - Export
Import DXF/DWG File
Export DXF/DWG File





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