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Some examples of 3D building visualizations

These samples were generated from sample projects and services. They show an image that was calculated using raytracing, ambient occlusion and a medium antialiasing. You can also export images of this quality using the "Save current view as image" function without showing the software's user interface.
  • Art Nouveau town house
  • Building on a hillside and terrain editing
  • Villa with Pool
  • Apartment building with underground car park, facade elements, blinds,...
  • Country house with extension and double garage
  • Apartment building with extension, terrain, background image
  • Detached house with basement, round walls
  • Detached house on multiple levels, garden design
  • Country house

Examples of projects including multiple view types, floor plans, sections, elevations,...

These screenshots show sample projects including its views in one project file. In addition, individual representations of floor plans, sections, elevation views and detail drawings.
Some of the projects have been made by our international partners and customers and might show user interfaces, headlines and other text as proper names in other languages.
  • Detached house with split level
  • Bauhaus style villa with floor plans, sections and elevations
  • Project with plan layout view
  • All views in a single project file
  • Holiday home
  • Elevation view with a 2D Symbol sheet frame
  • Elevation view example
  • 2D Views, floor plan and section view example
  • Floor plan with dimensions and 2D layout elements
  • Floor plan with dimensions
  • Section view with dimensions and sheet frame
  • Section view with height dimensions
  • Detail drawing
  • Detail drawing with extended hatches (PRO and Premium Version only)
  • Carport project with 2D views

Examples of groups from our group catalogue

These screenshots show content and use cases from our group catalog. This includes, for example, finished garages or carports but also prepared groups for interior design, such as kitchenettes, kitchen islands, saunas, seating areas, fireplaces, etc. All of these elements were planned or put together by us using Visual Building and then saved to our group catalogue.
  • Group examples for exterior
  • Carport Example
  • Example of a double garage with two roofs
  • Garage examples from the group catalogue
  • Garden home example
  • Carport example with 2D views
  • Groups for indoor use
  • Groups with ready-made kitchens
  • Porch roofs
  • Conservatory examples
  • Conservatory project with 2D views
  • Conservatory example

Special functions, modeling of 3D objects, timber frame construction plug-in,...

These screenshots show results of special features in Visual Building (PRO and PREMIUM Version). That includes 3D constructions with which you can model 3D objects yourself. Timber frame construction plug-in that automatically analyzes the entire project via a wizard and fills the walls with wooden studs (Premium Version only).
  • Timber construction for walls PlugIn
  • Timber Construction
  • Timber Construction Wizard
  • Wall elevation with timber elements and dimensions
  • Automatic reports as PDF, Excel, RTF incl. timber construction
  • Balcony, made with 3D Construtions (PRO and Premium)
  • Balcony with 3D Construction elements
  • Rosebow, 3D Constructions
  • Catalog with shutters
  • Catalog with blinds

Visual Building Basic

Visual Building Basic
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Visual Building PRO
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