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What’s new in Version 11

An overview of the new features in our Visual Building versions 11 .

As always, we have added features and content that we have filtered out of the suggestions and wishes of the users.

Main new features:

  • Moving and positioning walls numerically
  • Railings
  • Using railings in groups, e.g. for ready-to-use balconies
  • Balconies, as Groups in our catalog
  • Plots in 3D and 2D with automatic border
  • Borders for terrain elements such as beds and terraces
  • North arrow dialog
  • Retaining walls
  • Fences
  • Custom layers below the ENVIRONMENT layer
  • More than 500 new 3D-Objects
  • 30 new 3D-Objects for traditional interior doors
  • ...

This documentation is just a summary of the new features in version 11. More information in our main manual.

If the pdf page below does not display correctly, please press the F5 key, refresh your browser.

PDF Manuals are also installed with Visual Building to your Windows Start menu and with Version 11 available on our HELP ribbon . 

If you can't see this document here is a direct download link: What's new in version 11