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Visual Building Training Course


This is a large manual so please allow it time to download (48 Mb pdf).

Some of the project files for this course are available for download from the forum.

You can also use the trial versions of Visual Building to work through this training course.

This training course can be downloaded, saved and printed for personal use only. It is subject to copyright law and may not be redistributed by any other means.

There is also the Visual Building User Documentation, which you should use as additional reference as you work through the course.

With version 9.5 we have improved some basic input and edit mechanisms for walls, windows and doors. n our guides menu you will find articles on specific topics like "Create Floor Plans" or "Adding windows and doors", which also contain explanations and short videos to illustrate the current tools. In addition to this training course, it is also worth taking a look at our guides.

If the pdf page below does not display correctly, please refresh the page (press the F5 key or refresh button), alternatively click this link to download the pdf file



Follow this Visual Building Training Course to complete an entire project, with step by step instructions, supported by many screenshots and project files.