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Visual Building Version Comparison


Visual Building is available in 3 versions to suit the full range of budgets and requirements. The table below lists the major features for each version. You will never need to worry about buying the wrong version, because you can always upgrade just by paying the difference in price between the version you have and the version that you want to upgrade to. You can also contact our customer support via email with a short description of your project, a sketch, photos and we will recommend a Visual Building Version.


List price
£ 60
£ 120
£ 180
Project Startup Wizard
2D and 3D, section and elevation views
Multiple language support (10 languages)
Metric and imperial
Ribbon User Interface
Toolbar User Interface
64-bit version onlyBoth, 32-bit and 64-bit program components are included in the same Visual Building download package. Which one is best for your computer is automatically determined during installation time. 
Online videos
Online and offline documentation, PDF, Help
3D Object catalogues, textures, materials
2D Symbol catalogue
Construction elements
Multi layer wall cavity (cavity walls)
Chimneys, Beams, Supports
Ceilings, automatic, individual
Doors and Windows
Cutouts, wall and ceiling
Split Levels
Multiple Floors (no limit)
Multiple Buildings (no limit)
2D Drawing
Measuring Tools
Extensive 2D Dimensions
Measure and dimension Angles
2D drawing Elements, rectangle, circle, polygon,...
Text and item text
Create own 2D Fill and Hatch
Enhanced 2D Hatching, textures in 2D
Extended 2D Fill properties
Extended 2D line types and properties
Create own 2D line types
Plan Layout, multiple views on a plan
Fire Escape plan 2D symbols
3D Tools and Functions
Shadows, raytracing, ambient shadows
3D Dimensions
Surface Planner
Create new 3D Objects
Create 3D solids from Extrusion, Rotation, Sweeping
3D modelling functions
3D substraction solids
3D section views
Import and edit third party 3D objects
Light Source Creation
Roof construction
Multiple Roof Types
Circular Roof
Roof Windows
Cut out roof sections
Roof extensions
Merge Roofs
Metal roof cladding
Rafter / beam editor
Hall construction
Roof-mounted solar plants
Flat-Roof mounted solar plants
Import - Export
Import 2D DXF / DWG
Export 2D DXF / DWG
Import jpg, bmp, png, gif
Import 3DS objects, Sketchup, 3DS, OBJ,...
Export 3DS objects, Sketchup, 3DS, OBJ,...
Import scanned 2D Plans
Print 2D views to PDF (via PDF Printer)
Area-Volume calculation / Reports
Living space assignation by colour
Floor area and volume reports
Quanties reports
Roof Timber List Export
Roof Areas Export
Facade Areas export
Window list report
Misc - PlugIns
Terrain editing, height points, etc.
3D Converter PlugIn
3D Solid Construction PlugIn
Plan Layout PlugIn
Area calculation PlugIn
Window Construction PlugIn
Fire Escape Plan PlugIn and Wizard
Timber Construction for walls