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There are several sources of technical support for Visual Building.

1. Please check the Visual Building User Manuals, installed to your Windows Start menu together with your Visual Building version. 

2. Checkout the online Visual Building Training Course in our SUPPORT menu which contains many tricks and detailed explanations on many tools and how to use them.

3. Search the Visual Building Forum from our SUPPORT menu.

If you still can't find the answer to your question then email Visual Building's Customer Care customercare@visualbuilding.co.uk .


 If your support query concerns an unexplained response or a crash, you should also email to us the diagnostic log for Visual Building.

1. If your problem concerns a specific project, then please email us that project. If the problem is not specific to any one project then create a new project and try and repeat the problem.

2. In the Help tab - Diagnostics group, locate the log file.  "Show Log File" - This will show events prior to your problem.

3. Test Graphic Hardware - If your problem is graphic related, then you should run this diagnostic. In all graphic related cases we recommend to update your graphic Card Driver directly from your graphic Card manufacturer web page (and not through other Sources, especially not with your Windows driver update function)

4. Select Show Log File. This will then display the diagnostic log file. You can send this log file direct to technical support but please insert correct email address: customercare@visualbuilding.co.uk  

5. If for any reason you can not start Visual Building, then locate the diagnostic log file manually and email it to us. This diagnostic log file is called app.log and is located in My Documents/Visual Building Basic (or Visual Building Pro or Visual Building Premium). Depending on your Windows Version the path could also look like "C:\USERS\Your_Username\Documents\Visual Building....\"

6. If your problem relates to a specific project then attach the project to the email.