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Thank you for purchasing a Visual Building Fire Escape Planner Basic Bundle

Your transaction has been completed and a PayPal receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you.
You will also get an email from Visual Building during our office time containing all information and links below and more. 

So this is just a first feedback. You could follow the instructions below, download and install the two bundle products Visual Building Basic and Additional Fire Escape Planner catalogue extension or wait for our standard confirmation email.
Visual Building Software License

If you have already installed Visual Building Basic and have been using it as an evaluation version, then you simply need only send us the serial number so that we may then send you a license key. No need to download and install it again.

In this case you can only download the additional Fire Escape Plan catalogue and install it on top of your Visual Building Basic Version. The Fire Escape Plan catalogue does not require further licensing.

We will respond with a license key within 24 hours during normal working hours. (Mon-Fri 0900-1700 GMT)

If you have not used Visual Building Basic as a trial version then you can download the version you purchased below. And the Fire Escape Plan catalogue.

Instruction on how to get your serial number: License instructions 
IMPORTANT: You must send your serial number to license@visualbuilding.co.uk
Purchase Receipt

You will also receive via email an invoice/receipt for this purchase.