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3D Interior Collection

3D Interior Collection


  • +500 new 3D Objects
  • For all Visual Building versions
  • For all user groups
  • Added to our standard catalogue
  • For 3D and 2D views

3D Interior Collection

The Interior Collection contains around 500 3D objects for interior design, with a focus on shelves, sideboards, highboards, lowboards, etc.

The objects are usually available in series with different sizes and layouts, so that they are suitable for furnishing rooms with matching furniture.

In addition, there are stand-alone objects such as wardrobes, tables, beds, floor lamps, etc. as well as some individual parts such as handles or table legs for your own modeling.

All of these 3D objects were created using the modeling functions of our Visual Building PRO and Premium versions, without the use of any other software. You can find these modeling functions in the software itself under the name 3D constructions on the CONSTRUCTION ribbon.

When creating the 3D objects, the modelers concentrated on the minimum required for a good representation in the spatial context. This means that everything that does not make a noticeable difference, such as screws or hinges, was omitted. This also means that a large number of these objects can be used in building planning projects without overloading the computer's capacity or affecting the handling of your Visual Building projects.

All objects can also be assigned textures or materials from the standard catalog, which creates further variants in other colors or materials.

approx. 150 shelves
approx. 120 sideboards, highboards and lowboards
approx. 130 tables
approx. 25 wardrobes
approx. 15 beds
approx. 55 other 3D objects, lamps, accessories,...

All additional catalogues require an installed Visual Building version and can not be used as stand alone products. Once installed, the new additional content is automatically added to your Visual Building 3D object category as "Special extensions" and can be placed as usual via drag and drop.

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