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Safety Sign Planning


This feature will help you plan your safety sign requirements. From your 2D plan you can select the sign from the sign catalogue and place into the applicable room. The sign catalogue is broken down and displayed in useful categories: Escape, Mandatory, Prohibition, Warning....

Safety Signs

Example of a small industrial facility and the required signs

Note the above example uses symbols specified in  ISO 7010-2011, which is being developed to provide consistent designs throughout the European Union. ISO 7010-2011 is in the process of being written into the law of all EU members.

The software does not advise on the legal requirements or position of each sign.

Please note that the symbols contained within the catalogue are not suitable to create the signs as they are low resolution. The symbols however do have links to the sign manufacturers to help you establish availability and cost.


Visual Building can easily create 2D symbols. See how