Which Visual Building software version for me?


Visual Building is available in 4 versions to suit the full range of budgets and requirements.


Almost all the example projects on this web site could have been produced with the Visual Building Basic version- unless otherwise indicated. You need consider using the Professional and Premium versions if you need to export your projects to 3rd party applications. The production of drawings to support planning applications and building regulation requirements are best supported by the Professional and Premium versions.


Visual Building is supplied with a range of windows, all of which can be resized to suit most requirements, but if you need to create your own window styles, then you will need Visual Building Premium version. The Premium version also gives you advanced roof editing tools.


Visual Building is supplied with a large range of construction objects and furniture objects, but if you would like to create your own 3D objects, using Visual Building's own object editor then you will need the Visual Building Professional version.


Here is a quick indication showing the potential uses of all versions of Visual Building:


  • Basic
  • Professional
  • Premium
  • Solar



Dont forget that we also have Visual Floor Planner- If you only want 2D floor plans, then check out www.visualfloorplanner.com


Visual Building or Visual Floor Planner?


Visual Building and Visual Floor Planner are two very different products. At first glance they both create 2D floor plans and therefore there is some degree of overlap. Both products are promoted as being able to create floor plans for estate agents, plans for DEA, and fire escape plans. They also sell at a similar low cost price, so what are the advantages of both.


Do you require 3D Plans / Models?

Visual Building automatically creates the 3D plans from the 2D plans.

Visual Floor Planner creates 2D plans only. At this time the 2D plan file formats are not compatible.


Do you need to create many 2D floor plans quickly?

Visual Floor Planner wins on the "plan creation speed contest" easily. Visual Building is a far more comprehensive product and the precision available in the placement of walls, doors and windows takes just that little bit longer to create a floor plan.


Do you need a technical floor plan for a Planning Application / Building Control?

Visual Building has the precision, elevation views and dimensioning required, and so wins this choice factor.


Do you need to learn the software quickly?

Visual Floor Planner wins again, because it is dedicated just to 2D floor plans and so there is less to learn


Do you need quality 2D plans

Visual Building and Visual Floor Planner tie for good quality 2D plans


Do you need floor plan drawings larger than A4?

Both products can create good quality floor plans on A4, but if you need your plans on A3 or larger then use Visual Building.


Still not sure which to use?

Why not try both. Both Visual Building and Visual Floor Planner have full featured evaluation periods, which you can quickly get into using our excellent documentation and video tutorials.


As previously stated, Visual Building and Visual Floor Planner are two very different prpducts- so why not purchase both, we will even give you a discount if you purchase both downloads at the same time.




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