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06 Jul 2021
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Optioneering 22 May 2020 12:51 #2856


that's impossible. Roofs always effect all buildings, walls, ceilings etc. in all buildings within the same project. If you have multiple roofs at the same position then the lowest roof side wins.

There might be an alternative but we would need to look at your project file, including all roof styles you have already inserted to see if that works. Please send your project file to customercare@visualbuilding.co.uk .


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Optioneering 22 May 2020 12:05 #2855

  • Charles Scrivener
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I would like to design a large single story kitchen/diner extension for my house. This will add three new walls, remove an existing wall from the back of the house and of course have a roof.

The layout of the habitable space will evolve and mature and there are a number of possible roof configurations.

I managed to create a kitchen building and put it on the back of the existing building within the same project. I also created a roof successfully.

Things went wrong when I created an alternative roof in the same project, obviously on the same contour. This demonstrated that I had not fully grasped how the system works. I had thought (or hoped) that I could switch roofs by ticking the selection boxes for the roof I wanted to see but over looked the fact the other roof was still there. So I was getting roof linings for instance from the "hidden roof"

Is this a case of setting visibilities incorrectly or is my concept totally wrong.

What would "Projects and Building" should I have to achieve the desired outcome and what would the workflow be to create and maintain them
Desired outcome:
One furnished room (create and maintain once) in one project
A number of roof variants
Ability to demonstrate roof variants in real time to the one furnished room

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