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Self Builders


Design and software tool for self-builders

Visual Building is a powerful and versatile 3D house designer,that gives you the ability to create 2D plans and 3D models.

Self builders need a software tool that is capable of planning, creating site plans, planning applications, landscaping, interior design and much more and so we recommend either the Visual Building Professional or Premium versions. 
However, which ever version you purchase, you can always upgrade, without any loss of investment. You could even start with the Visual Building Basic version and as you require more features, simply upgrade to the next version.
Build the Dream - avoid the nightmare
If you are a self builder of a single project or a serial self builder, then you will need a software tool that is inexpensive and easy to learn. No matter what stage you are at in your self build project, Visual Building will be an asset to you. From initial design, to interior design and finally landscaping.
The multi view layout feature of Visual Building Profesional is fully integrated, and unlike in many competitive products, changing the details in any view within the layout automatically updates all other views.
Visual Building is a solution for self builders at every stage of a project, allowing you to communicate your ideas and dreams.

What the self builder requires from a software tool

During the past 10 years we have met with thousands of people planning or in progress with a self build project at the Homebuilding & Renovation / BuildIt exhibitions to discuss their problems and requirements.
These shows were valuable to us, as we learned exactly what the self builder requires from a software tool. Visual Building addresses the main points identified by most self build projects:

- Inexpensive
- Easy to learn via 70+ Video Tutorials and documentation
- Adaptable to all types of builds
- Create 2D plans suitable for planning regulation
- Create supporting documentation for Building Regulations
- Use as an aid to project manage the self build project
- Comprehensive roof designer
- Communication tool with architects and builders
- Design and manage electrical services
- Interior Design for floor and wall coverings
- Interior design for fixtures and fittings
- Interior design for furniture
- Landscaping
- ...

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Self-build project
3D View Example
Multiple views
Different building styles

Visual Building Basic

Visual Building Basic
Has been developed as an easy to use design and visualisation tool for self builder,extentions..
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Visual Building PRO

Visual Building PRO
Used by all user groups specifically to create professional plans...
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Visual Building Premium

Visual Building Premium
Our most powerful design and visualisation tool specifically created for ...
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