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Different types of guidelines, and methods of creating them, are provided for the 2D plan views and the 2D elevations/cross-section views. All types of guidelines can be suppressed for each view over the visibility option for the construction aids category.The properties for colour and style, can be set for all types of guidelines.

2D Plan Scan Import

2D Sectional Views


The Section View tool is located in the View tab in the New Views group. It is only enabled when you have a 2D view active.

The Section View tool allows you to draw a line through a 2D Plan that will define the viewpoint of a 2D view containing an elevation view.

If the section line is placed in front of a building then the 2D elevation will contain a solid elevation view, but if the section line is placed through a building then the 2D elevation will contain a section view of that elevation.

You can also place and move 3D objects in a section view.



This section view was created by placing the section line through the building plan. The 2D objects can then be added to this view.



These elevation views were created by placing the 2D section line in front of a building. The layout was the achieved using the Presentation Layout tool.



By placing the section line partially through a 2D plan we can create a section view to show only selected detail. Here we use the section line to create an elevation view of a kitchen design.

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